Dear Parent,

“No. I wish we could, but not today.” At one time or another during that mesmerizing moment of your child’s smile you were forced to say those words. Maybe the moment occurred while you were driving home from your daily, but exhausting routine. Most likely that look just happened because your child was being a true kid, full of an inner motivation to want to have more, to be whom he or she candidly is: a young child, naturally motivated to investigate and explore the environment around them. Innocence, reaching for a chance to understand and be more than they are today.

As a child, maybe you were the one wanting to take music lessons, play soccer or basketball, take an art class, or dance. You were going to be the best…the world had ever seen! Simply, maybe you thought it would just be FUN. But your Mom or Dad said, “No, I’m sorry.” More than likely the ultimate and apparently unanswerable question was asked in that moment of silence that followed, “WHY?”

As a loving and caring parent today, you know WHY all too well. It is already 6:00 pm; you have been stuck in traffic for almost an hour. You’re tired. You had a rough day at work and you still do not know what to pick up for dinner.

As a lot of busy parents today, you are a parent wishing to give more to your child. You’ve signed him or her up for Art class, OR soccer, OR dance. It’s 5:45 pm and you just picked up “your world” from childcare and now you have to rush through traffic and sandwich in a fast food dinner in order to make it to their 6:00 pm practice. And although your child is thankful, what do they innocently say, “Can I take…too?”

That is when HUMBLE CREEK RANCH, Youth Enrichment & Sports Academy can help bring some sanity back into your life without taking away from your child’s thirst for learning, for growing!

HUMBLE CREEK RANCH (HCR) was conceived from the idea that parents, such as yourself, would welcome and utilize a Children’s Day Care and After School Care solution that fosters opportunity for a child’s learning through the use of a strong educational curriculum inclusive of sport and art instruction from the convenience of one thoughtfully planned location.

Come visit us today and see how much more you can give your child.


C.Stephen Smithroat
Humble Creek Ranch
Youth Enrichment & Sports Academy