Pre-K Program (4 years - 5 years)

Our Pre-K program was designed as a Kindergarten Readiness Program. Children will be mastering their fine motor skills with writing, cutting, and manipulative play. Each Child will be able to participate in many activities that will help define their Gross Motor skills. Our Pre-K curriculum is an Eclectic Curriculum method which will allow students to learn through various median and with the structure of a Kindergarten Classroom.

Each Unit has four different themes and monthly Focus points for each child to master. These focus points include identifying numbers, colors, shapes, letters and their phonetic sounds and mastering sight words. Counting, sorting, adding, subtracting and grouping are some of the ways we will help develop for early math skills that are needed for Kindergarten success.

Humble Creek Ranch’s curriculum provides opportunities and support for children to understand, acquire, and use verbal and non verbal means of communication. Music & Movement, Dance, Tae kwon Do, and Soccer are also incorporated in our program and plays a large part in each child’s weekly activities. We provide both physical and emotional security for each child to help them accept and develop self-confidence as well as foster a sense of independence for a strong start into Kindergarten!